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Recent News

2023 Live Bees Update

We talked with some bee breeders in CA about the upcoming bee season and they expressed concern about the quantity and quality of bees they will be able to produce for the 2023 season.

They have bee yards in multiple areas and they have stressors in most yards (draught, local flooding, some even lost hives to fires).

Commercial operations are planning more on recovering their colony numbers and strength than selling packages or nucs for starter hives.

At this point, we decided not to bring live bees for sale for the 2023 season.

If you are getting started in beekeeping in 2023, we’d recommend you try to get bees from a local beekeeper (they could sell you a nuc from a split or you could catch a swarm).

If you still want to buy packages or nucs, we would recommend contacting your local bee association. You may need to wait until February, as suppliers confirm the number of colonies they can sell after they evaluate their overwinter survival rates.

The following beekeepers contacted BeeManiacs and confirmed they are going to be selling live bees during the 2023 season. You can find more information on their websites:


Pick up at the store

At this time we have decided to focus on the local beekeeping community and suspend our shipping options.

Local beekeepers can continue ordering online and once the order is processed, pick it up right outside BeeManiacs store.

Due to supply chain disruptions and variable shipping costs, we decided to suspend shipping orders. In some cases we worked hard to have inventory on hand for our local beekeepers, to just see out-of-state orders coming in and taking all that inventory.

We will reconsider adding shipping options in future years, once the supply chain recovers and shipping costs become more affordable.

With this change we will be able to keep more items in inventory and available for local beekeepers.

Product Reviews

  • 1-Gallon Bucket of Honey (in store only) ($55.00)
    reviewed by Susan Henry

    Love your honey and it’s local🥰

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  • Bee Package 2022 (pickup only) ($160.00)
    reviewed by Kathy Haugland

    I purchased a package and have been so happy with them. It was cold and rainy the day I got them and was worried about them. Got them in the hive and they have settled into their new yard. The queen is very active and the hive is going great!

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