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New on this site is the option to place orders online for material that you can come to pick up at our store. You can be sitting at home or working around the bee yard and place an order from your computer or your smartphone. We will notify you once it’s ready to pick up.

For information about our current hours please visit our Contact page.

You can also order items and get them shipped to you. If you have any questions just email us to [email protected]

Recent News

Package pickup schedule 2021 – Rain or shine

Please take extra precautions to transport the packages as they should not get wet and have rain in the forecast.

Please check your email since we have sent 11 email updates with information about the pickup schedule, transport tips, and installation recommendations.

Package pickup hours are from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 25 (for beekeepers that preordered bees)

The table below shows the suggested hours for picking up packages, based on which letter your name starts with. These are just suggestions to spread the number of cars during the whole pickup schedule, avoiding a traffic jam and longer wait times. If you cannot come at the recommended time, you can come at any time between 7:30 am and 1:00 pm.

For example, if your name is Lisa, we recommend that you come to pick up your packages between 10:30 and 11:00 am. 

Drive-Thru process

  1. You can enter BeeManiacs from the main entrance and head towards the Big Barn where the drive-thru line forms
  2. While in the line, a BeeManiacs employee will approach and ask for the name of the person that placed the order
  3. At that point, BeeManiacs staff will set your packages and any material you pre-ordered online at the pickup area
  4. Stay in the line and continue driving until you reach the pickup area (concrete area outside the Big Barn)
  5. You may now get out of your vehicle and load your bees/material
  6. To exit, continue driving around the garden and BeeManiacs store building until you reach the main road

Please note that our store remains closed for in-person visits. 

New Items at the Store

Starter Kits

We usually recommend beekeepers to buy hive parts individually, picking and choosing the style and quality of parts that fit their beekeeping style.

On normal years new beekeepers attend a beekeeping class and after taking the class about hive material options, they can place the orders. Since COVID hit one year ago, many classes and meetings have been suspended.

To make things easier, we have created a couple of starter hive options that include the hive items needed for installing a package or a nuc of bees:

Live Bee Transport Mesh

Many of our customers transport their nucs or packages inside their cars.

To keep the bees locked in, while maintaining ventilation they need during transport, we have released this new mesh, which fits one nuc, or up to two packages:

High-Quality Plastic Nuc

The designers of this plastic nuc kit were able to add many features to improve over the traditional nucs.

The lid includes ventilation options, a couple of feeding connectors (for different bottles or jugs sizes), and locks to prevent the frames to rattle during transport (frame movement during transport kills bees).

The nuc is made of durable plastic and it doesn’t require painting.

Product Reviews

  • Bee Package 2021 ($159.99)
    reviewed by Kathy Haugland

    I purchased a package and have been so happy with them. It was cold and rainy the day I got them and was worried about them. Got them in the hive and they have settled into their new yard. The queen is very active and the hive is going great!

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  • Bee Package 2021 ($159.99)
    reviewed by Wendy Bachman

    These Saskatraz package bees are my first hive. I could not express enough how vigorous, gentle, and fast they are at setting up shop in their new hive. I purchased a nuc of a different strain from another place, and under the same exact conditions, the Saskatraz have exceeded my other hive in rearing brood and drawing out new comb. BeeManiacs is an excellent place for those of us who need more guidance, and they care a lot about the health of the bees they offer. A++++ customer service!

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