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New on this site is the option to place orders online for material that you can come to pick up at our store. You can be sitting at home or working around the bee yard and place an order from your computer or your smartphone. We will notify you once it’s ready to pick up.

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Recent News

New Extracting/Bottling Items Available

Right on time for extracting we brought some extracting tools and more bottling jars to our online store. We have inventory on hand and you can place an order online for pickup at the store.

The pictures below are for a couple of items added to the Extracting category:

Uncapping and Straining Tank
5 Gallon Pail with Honey Gate
5 Gallon Pail with Honey Gate

And if you need jars and bottles for your honey, we have added the Containers and Labels category to the store. It’s already stocked and we will continue adding different containers over time:

Click on the image to visit the Containers and Labels category of our online store.

Product Reviews

  • Bee Package 2021 ($159.99)
    reviewed by Kathy Haugland

    I purchased a package and have been so happy with them. It was cold and rainy the day I got them and was worried about them. Got them in the hive and they have settled into their new yard. The queen is very active and the hive is going great!

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  • Bee Package 2021 ($159.99)
    reviewed by Wendy Bachman

    These Saskatraz package bees are my first hive. I could not express enough how vigorous, gentle, and fast they are at setting up shop in their new hive. I purchased a nuc of a different strain from another place, and under the same exact conditions, the Saskatraz have exceeded my other hive in rearing brood and drawing out new comb. BeeManiacs is an excellent place for those of us who need more guidance, and they care a lot about the health of the bees they offer. A++++ customer service!

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