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Dandelions and honey bees

They are pretty……they last long…….they are the first wild flowers we see when Spring starts, and…. they have bad reputation, because dandelions are considered weeds worldwide and they spread very easy with the help of the wind.Dandelion and bee

To change that bad reputation is important to know (and spread the notice to your good neighbors) that dandelions are our bees’ first natural pollen and nectar source after winter.

dandelion seeds

Bees will work hard in these dandelion “fields” to get the nutritious nectar and pollen that they will consume in the hives until other flowers start blooming later during Spring.


So, next Spring, when your neighbor starts showing some “cabin fever” symptoms and wants to start mowing the lawn even during a rainy day, ask him if he can wait a few weeks until your bees finish gathering their natural food …..of course it is always a good idea to give him at the same time one of your honey jars 🙂