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Master Beekeeper Program

For 2013 our New Year’s resolution was to keep improving our beekeeper skills, applying for the Journeyman Level in the Washington Master Beekeeper Program.

The program has three levels: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.

During 2013 we took classes, tests, and volunteered in many events collecting different points to meet the requirements of the Journeyman Beekeeper level.

In December 2013 we received our official certificates so we were able to fulfill 2013 New Year’s resolution right before the end of the year!

1-Journeyman certificates3

We’re looking forward to start the Master Beekeeper level now and we will apply once we meet the required experience time (two more years of beekeeping experience, so we should be taking the test in 2015).

Now it’s time to make some resolutions for 2014…