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Bayer Bee Care – Pullman, WA

BeeManiacs was invited to participate at the first Bayer Bee Care event of 2014. It was held on February 6 in WSU (Washington State University) Pullman, WA campus.

This is the second year for this Bee Care tour.

Even though we currently don’t use chemicals in BeeManiacs operations, we try to keep an open-minded approach for all types of beekeeping.

We welcome the effort from Bayer approaching beekeepers and farmers so they can explain which projects they are funding for research and ongoing investigations in minimizing negative effects of pesticides on pollinators and improvements in chemicals for beekeeping operations (mostly for commercial beekeepers). Bayer will also increase efforts in training and educating farmers in the correct use of chemicals.

We would recommend anyone that is against any type of chemicals to go and participate in one of these events so you can voice your concerns directly to Bayer staff. We have heard complains about big chemical companies in many beekeeping meetings, but in those meetings there’s nobody to hear those concerns. Next time, go to an event or you can just pick up the phone and talk to them.

As chemical manufacturers hear these concerns they will react and improve products or processes and will also fund grants for Universities to find better ways to do things moving forward.

For more information you can go to their website:

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