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Protective Gear Arriving Late

We just received (bad) news from the logistics company that there was an issue with the shipment carrying our protective gear between Seattle and Deer Park and the material is heading back to Seattle right now.

This means that we’re not going to have gloves, jackets, or bee suits tomorrow when we open the store.

All the other beekeeping supplies, the hot-dogs, cookies and drinks are here and ready for tomorrow though.

Once we receive the protective gear next week we will open the store right away, any day of the week, for your convenience. So if you were coming just to see protective gear you may want to reschedule your visit to BeeManiacs for next week.

Of course we would still love to see you and talk with you tomorrow, but if you’re too far away and looking mostly for protective gear you may want to wait confirmation and delay your visit for a while.

We will post a message in our website, Facebook and Twitter pages as soon as we receive the protective gear as well as our extra opening hours.

We are very sorry for the issues this delay may cause.