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Package bees and queens for 2015 season

We are excited about selling package bees and queens to local beekeepers for the first time this year. We are bringing live bees only to our store and won’t be able to ship bees nationwide, as we do with other products.

Queen and Box 1280

We will be bringing Carniolan and Italian packages and queens.

The current estimated release date is Saturday, April 11. All live bees will be available for pickup on this date (depending on weather in California).

Queens are selling for $35 each, including Sales Tax. This year we will only have queens available for April 11 pickup (we won’t carry queens during the rest of the season).

Three pound package bees are selling for $120 each, including sales tax (it’s $111.01 plus 8.1% sales tax). Each package purchase includes a $8 in-store credit that you can collect if you bring the empty package box back to us before July 31.

You can pre-order online right now. We have limited quantities and sales are tracked online on first-come, first-served basis. This is the link to the store: