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Package pickup schedule

Please note that if you ordered a package of bees through BeeManiacs, we are sending updates and notices to the email used when placing the order. Emails are received from “BeeManiacs” and using the MailChimp email distribution server. Just in case anyone didn’t receive the email, we’re also adding the content as a post.

Package pickup hours are from 8 am to noon on this Saturday, April 18. 

Due to COVID-19 we will operate a drive-thru style pickup for this Saturday and we have recommended pick up hours based on the first name of the beekeeper that placed the order for packages.

The table below shows the suggested hours for picking up packages, based on which letter your name starts with. These are just suggestions to spread the number of cars during the whole pickup schedule, avoiding a traffic jam. If you cannot come at the recommended time, you can come at any time between 8:00 am and noon.

For example, if your name is Lisa, we recommend that you come to pick up your packages between 9:30 and 10:00 am. 

Drive-Thru process

  1. You can enter BeeManiacs from the main entrance and head towards the Big Barn where the drive-thru line forms
  2. While in the line, a BeeManiacs employee will approach and ask for the name of the person that placed the order
  3. At that point, BeeManiacs staff will set your packages and any material you pre-ordered online at the pickup area (on top of a table or on the cement floor)
  4. Stay in the line and continue driving until you reach the pickup area (concrete area outside the Big Barn)
  5. You may now get out of your vehicle and load your bees/material
  6. To exit, continue driving around the garden and BeeManiacs store building until you reach the main road

Please note that our store remains closed due to COVID-19. You can place online orders ahead of time (until Friday 17) and we will have the material ready for you to pick up with the bees.

BeeManiacs Team

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