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New Products at BeeManiacs

We just added a couple of products to our store.

HopGuard 3

HopGuard® 3 is the new and improved generation! It comes in packs of 5 or 12 doses.

HopGuard® 3 Properties:

  • Naturally derived from hops,
  • No chemical residues,
  • Safe during honey flow,
  • Easy & effective,
  • Safe on bees – deadly on Varroa mites,
  • Easy – AND SAFE – to use

For more information follow this link:

Deep Frame Pro Feeder – 1.5 Gallons

We already had in stock the regular size 1 Gallon feeder, but some beekeepers wanted to add more feed on a single trip.

This Deep frame size (9 5/8″) inline feeder fits on a regular Deep size Langstroth box.

It’s 2 1/2″ wide and holds 1.5 gallons (it may take the space of 2 regular frames)

For more information follow this link:

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