Last Formic Pro Sale of 2021

Time to stock up on Formic Pro!

We have a batch of Formic Pro with sell by date of July 2021. We have set a deeply discounted sale price so all units will find a home (or hive) before that date!

Once Formic Pro is sold out this year, we may not have any more Formic Pro until spring 2022.

The sale price will be active as long as supplies last. We do not ship Formic Pro, so it can only be bought for “pick up at store” and you will need to pick it up before the end of July.

If you buy more than what you need for this year, you can store the leftover in the freezer for a long time. We just cannot sell the product past the sell-by date, but you can buy it and store it at low temperatures beyond that date.

Formic Pro is the only mite treatment that kills the mites even inside the capped brood cells. It can be used with honey supers on the hive.

This treatment has Organic Certification:

Formic Pro can be bought here:

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