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Live Bees Pickup Email Update

We are already sending emails to all beekeepers that ordered packages or nucs. If you ordered bees, please check your email and make sure you get these updates regarding pickup date. Later we will send more updates and information as we get closer to bee day.

In this link, you can see the email update content:

Below we transcribe some of the updated content.

Everything is looking good for a pickup date of Sunday, April 24.

The queens are mating with good weather in CA and at this time the suppliers don’t anticipate any production issues or delays.

For pickup, we recommend that you do not bring anyone that is afraid of bees. While the bees are enclosed in their box, there will be bees flying around.

We’d recommend transporting the packages at “room temperature” and most beekeepers will transport packages with them inside the vehicle to avoid overheating or too much airflow.

If you are getting nucs this year, we’d recommend transporting the nucs secured on the back of a pickup truck with plenty of ventilation. They need air circulation to be able to cool off the colony

If you bring the bees inside the vehicle, we will do our best to brush off any bees on the outside of the box and you can transport them with the AC on to avoid overheating.

You could also set the box inside a mesh that provides ventilation while keeping the bees contained. You can bring your mesh or we also have them available at the BeeManiacs store.

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