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Greetings from Abundance Farm  

Mark Parcher
New Member

Hi, I'm Mark Parcher.  We have a small u-pick farm (Cherries and Blueberries) in Green Bluff, WA.   I got my first two colonies of bees this year (2018).  My wife wanted chickens which did not excite me, so I made a deal.  She gets to have chickens, I get to have bees.  She named each one of her chickens.  I started doing that with the bees, but ran out of names before the second frame.  The more I learn about the bees, the more amazing they are.  Hoping they will survive this winter!

Thanks to Beemaniacs for this forum!



Posted : 14/12/2018 12:35 pm
BM Staff
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Welcome Mark!

Yes, naming all the bees could take some creativity one names. We know of some beekeepers that actually name the queens though (just one per hive is more doable :).


Posted : 14/12/2018 4:40 pm