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Jarred from Clayton  

Jarred Pfeifer
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Hello Everyone!

     Just finished class beekeeping 101.  I should have taken this class sooner.   Ari provided great info for a bee keeper to get started.  Just a bit of my background and the reason for the class.  I have tried for the past 4 years to become a bee keeper.  My first year 2015 I  purchased Carniolan bees.  Everything seemed to go well till fall and  they absconded on me.   I tried again in 2016 with another package of Carniolan bees.  Going into winter 2016 i used some styrofoam as an added insulation.  Late winter, early spring I checked bees, it appears that they starved.  What bees were in the hive, all of them had their heads sticking in comb and dead.  Frustration set in and didn't purchase any bees for 2017.   2018 I purchased the Saskatraz bees, hoping my winter survival rate would go up.  I put up styrofoam in early November 2018 and could hear bees in hive.   Opened hive up in mid March 2019 and I had a lot of dead bees in the bottom of the hive.  I did find the queen in dead with a few bees around her on the bottom of a frame in the second deep.  Frustrated with little help from people at work who have bees, and reading and pondering what i did wrong.  I decided it was time to take classes from the beginning, hoping to learn what I have and haven't done to help my bees survive thru the winters.   Attending class today taught me somethings i didn't know and also brought up more questions.  Thank You

Jarred Pfeifer

Posted : 14/04/2019 2:42 pm