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Queen and swarm cells  

Annie Nunes
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Hello got a quick question , I was in one of our new hives we got a Nuc in April, and noticed for the first time a cell hanging horizontally at the very bottom of the frame. I was concerned so I got online and a couple places said that it could be a swarm cell. I don’t know how that could be, since this is a new hive not crowded we clean the wax off every week , they are happy and also the other day prior to this I believe I witnessed the queen mating with a drone, it was absolutely amazing to see! She flew back inside as well as the drone, don’t know how long he will live but still awesome! Any way with all that is this just a natural thing seeing this cell and Should These be removed? Thanks again for all your help!

Posted : 30/05/2018 9:16 am
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Hi Annie, 

Without a photo it would be hard to tell. Perhaps it was a queen cup rather than a queen cell. A cup looks like it sounds, inverted cup shaped but empty. Queen cups are normal, and nothing to worry about.

Regarding the mating queen, she only mates once (with multiple drones, hopefully), and she was mated before you received her in the nuc. 

If you do have a true queen cell (swarm cell), I defer to more experienced folks to advise.

Isn't it fun!


Posted : 30/05/2018 12:14 pm
BM Staff
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Hi Annie,

We have this link with some information and pictures that could help you identify what you're looking at:

Posted : 30/05/2018 2:32 pm