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Matthew Butte
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Good evening!!!

    I have a hive that has nosema. I was kinda curious on the thought of supplementing them with DFM. Since it’s a probiotic would it be something I would have to start scheduling periodically? Or is it close enough to spring to hopefully let them hold out until then?

Posted : 15/02/2020 7:20 pm
BM Staff
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Usually all bees have some Nosema in their gut when tested. Over the winter, they cannot take cleansing flights as often and the nosema builds up in their guts until they get a warmer day when they could fly.

There was only one treatment for Nosema but over time more beekeepers recommended against using it. The treatment could drop Nosema soon but seemed to affect the gut biome making harder for the bees to digest food (which caused slower colony development). In these cases, adding probiotics like Pro DFM, would help the bees recover faster.

But all those treatments and colony management would be performed during the active season, while the bees are active and move around. While they're clustered together you cannot treat with any feed-base treatment or any treatment that depends on the bees being in contact with a treatment substance.

During winter we just limit our support to making sure the top and bottom entrances remain open (for ventilation and allowing cleansing flights when possible) and that food stores are not depleted or low.

As soon as spring starts and bees can break cluster and take cleansing flights, they usually can control Nosema and bring it to lower spore levels (without treatment). 


Posted : 17/02/2020 9:57 am