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Varroa mite treatments  

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If this is your first year and started from a package, you probably won't need to treat your hives until fall. We recommend to continue checking for mites through the season and treat if you find them before fall.

If you started from a nuc, or if you have a survivor hive, you may need to do a treatment soon.

If you can treat before temperatures go steady over 85 F, you can use Formic Pro.

Otherwise, you could use Hopguard.

Both can be used even if you have honey supers on.

BeeManiacs hives were part of the APHIS nationwide testing over the last year and after looking at chemical residues in beeswax, we decided to phase out from our bee yard and our store the kind of mite treatments that leave chemical residues in beeswax.

We are no longer going to carry Apistan, Apivar, or any other treatments that would build up in the beeswax over time.

Posted : 28/05/2020 12:48 pm