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When to split my hive  

Lucia Stewart
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Yesterday I finally found my queen from last year split, if you can believe it.  it took me a year to find her and I also marked her,  she not pretty but at least I did not squish her. I saw about 4 queen cups,  they have that peanut type cell, however they are still uncapped so my question, should I wait until they are closed up good or do a split soon.  The earliest I could do it would this weekend since I do not get home until 5 -5:30.  If it is still nice when I get home I might be able to do it sooner.

Hopefully this will prevent them from swarming...

Thank you for any feed back

Posted : 06/05/2019 7:00 pm
BM Staff
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Hi Lucia,

Congratulations on being able to track your home-made queen and marking her. That's an advanced skill that is nice to have!

Once a colony starts making queen cells, it's convenient to make the split as soon as possible. 

All colonies will make some queen cups, which are empty cells that they're going to use to raise queens. Now, once a queen lays eggs into a queen cup and they start making the queen cells, packing it with royal jelly, it's better to make the split whenever you have a chance to work with the hive.

You can take about half of the hive with the queen to another box, and leave behind all the queen cells in the current location. Just make sure that no queen cells go with the queen, otherwise she will swarm.

Provide both colonies with plenty of space, so they don't feel crowded. 

The split that will have to raise a queen will need about 4 weeks to finish the process. It could take that long to see eggs from the new queen. 

And you can certainly mark the new queen at that time!

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Posted : 08/05/2019 4:38 pm