WA Sales Tax Exemptions for BeeManiacs Store

BeeManiacs is located in WA State and we are required to collect 8.1% sales tax for orders that are picked up at our store. We also have to collect taxes for any order shipped to a WA State address.

The sales tax is destination location based. When we ship your order to a WA State address, the website will automatically calculate and collect the sales tax based on your WA State shipping address.

When we ship online orders to any other state, we won’t collect any sales tax. The website will show sales tax $0 automatically for any orders shipped outside of WA State.

Available tax exemptions

WA State regulations allow for some special tax exemptions. These orders cannot be processed through the BeeManiacs website, they need to be handled by email ahead of time by contacting sales@beemaniacs.com in order to set up your account.

Federal Government Purchases

Direct purchases by the federal government are exempt from WA State retail sales tax, but purchases by others, whether with federal funds or through a reimbursement arrangement, are fully subject to the retail sales tax. Sales to federal employees or representatives of the federal government are subject to sales tax, even though the federal government may reimburse them for all or a part of such expenses.

For a Federal agency exemption, please fill out the purchaser fields and email to sales@beemaniacs.com the following form: https://dor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/legacy/Docs/forms/ExcsTx/ExmptFrm/StreamlindSalsTxExempCert.pdf

Out of State Residents [WA State terminated this exemption on July 1, 2019]

Nonresident tax exemption is only for material that is not going to be used in WA State. Residents of the following US States or Canadian provinces can apply for tax exemption.

  • Alaska
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Alberta (Canada)

From July 1, 2019 on, we will have to collect regular sales tax, but you can claim for reimbursement from WA State.

Purchases of live bees by an eligible apiarist

Only “eligible apiarists” qualify for this credit/exemption. An eligible apiarist is a person who:

  • Owns or keeps one or more bee colonies within WA State;
  • Grows, raises, or produces honey bee products for sale at wholesale; and
  • Registers their hive/colonies with the Washington State Department of Agriculture as required by RCW 15.60.021

For more information about the sales tax exemption for eligible apiarists please read the WA State Department of Revenue Special Notice in this link: https://dor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/legacy/docs/pubs/specialnotices/sn_13_honeybeekeepers.pdf

Starting from the 2021 season, BeeManiacs will no longer provide this sales tax exemption and we will collect sales taxes on all our live bee sales. If you are an eligible apiarist that bought live bees from us, you just need to claim the sales tax refund from WA State Department of Revenue, when you file your taxes (eligible apiarist are required to file taxes with WA State, so you just claim the tax credit at filing time).

BeeManiacs Distributors (Resellers)

If you buy material from BeeManiacs that you intend to resell in your store, we will need to receive a copy of your current Reseller Certificate to set up your tax exempt account.

Please take into account that these are WA State rules that all businesses are required to follow within the state. All sales tax funds we collect are wired to the WA State Department of Revenue.