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We are currently running a sale because our items have a sale-by date of July 2021. 
(you can store unused doses in the freezer to use in fall or next year, but we cannot sell them beyond July)

Formic Pro™ is a formic acid polysaccharide gel strip for the treatment and control of varroosis caused
by the varroa destructor in Honey bees.

We do not ship Formic Pro. It can be picked up at the store.

WARNING! Please note that this treatment has to be sold in the original packaging, showing the official label, use instructions and expiry date. It’s not legal to sell individual pads or to repackage this product.

Formic Pro was released by the makers of Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) after years of experience and once the formic acid delivery gel was improved.

Formic Pro strips are certified organic and can be used with honey supers. Shelf product life is 2 years from production date.

The treatment is placed inside the heart of the hive for either a 14-day or 20-day treatment period with efficacy ranging between 83-97%.

Formic Acid is the only varroa treatment that can kill the varroa mites that are inside the capped brood cells.

We carry the 2-dose pack and 10-dose box in inventory. Each dose can treat one colony.

For 30-dose boxes or commercial operation bulk orders, please contact us at [email protected].

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