Medium Box with Plastic Frames – Assembled – 8F


These Prime pine boxes come with 8 Medium plastic frames coated with beeswax. You can select black or white frame color.

Approximated box size is: 6 5/8″ high x 13 3/4″ wide x 19 7/8″ length.

Comes assembled with glue and staples and unpainted. If you paint or protect the wood, please only paint the outside face of the box, leaving the wood exposed to the bees inside.

Regularly used as “super” boxes (to store honey), but some beekeepers also use these boxes as brood boxes. You can use it in any combination/position you want. The bees cannot see the color of the frame inside the hive (it’s pitch dark inside) so the color option won’t affect the bees. You can choose the color you want. Black foundation should provide a good contrast to see eggs if you use these boxes for brood.



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