Bee Package 2021

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You can “Join Waitlist” now by clicking the button and providing your email. You will receive an email notification as soon as package sales are enabled (and can decide to place an order at that time)

We estimate package sales will be activated in early 2021.

Pick up at BeeManiacs Store only (you can find the address in this link).

Pick up date will be mid to end of April, 2021. Please note that due to weather the date the bees arrive can change. For placing an order, please make sure you can pick up your package or you can send someone to pick it up for you. We will be sending email updates with pick up schedule and instructions, so make sure to check often the email account you used when pacing the order.

The package includes about 3 lbs of worker bees, one caged queen, and a can of food.

First come first served. We have limited quantities so once we sell our allocated quantity, we will be out of bees for the rest of the 2021 season (we don’t have an order deadline).

If the item is sold out, please click “Join Waitlist” and provide an email. You will receive an email notification if any packages become available to order.

You have two queen race options:

  • Carniolan 
  • Italian 

Please make sure to read BeeManiacs Terms and Conditions.

Please note that if you have problems during package installation you may have to drive back to BeeManiacs. If you are far away from BeeManiacs, we recommend you to order bees from a local supplier.

If you wish to cancel your order, there is a $50 non-refundable fee per package. Orders are non-cancelable after April 1, 2021.


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Resellers and some commercial beekeepers may qualify for tax-exempt package purchases. For more information follow this link: or contact us at [email protected]

4 reviews for Bee Package 2021

  1. Becky Eddy

    Becky Eddy (verified owner)

    my bees i purchased last year made it!!!!

  2. Omar Altayar

    Omar Altayar (verified owner)

    First time bee hobbyist, this place is top notch.
    Excellent staff willing to answer any questions
    and just willing to help. I drove 200+ miles from Moses Lake, Wa. and I will definitely do business again with them.
    Thank you BeeManiacs. You are #1 example of how a businesses should act.

  3. Wendy Bachman

    Wendy Bachman (verified owner)

    These Saskatraz package bees are my first hive. I could not express enough how vigorous, gentle, and fast they are at setting up shop in their new hive. I purchased a nuc of a different strain from another place, and under the same exact conditions, the Saskatraz have exceeded my other hive in rearing brood and drawing out new comb. BeeManiacs is an excellent place for those of us who need more guidance, and they care a lot about the health of the bees they offer. A++++ customer service!

  4. Kathy Haugland

    Kathy Haugland (verified owner)

    I purchased a package and have been so happy with them. It was cold and rainy the day I got them and was worried about them. Got them in the hive and they have settled into their new yard. The queen is very active and the hive is going great!

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