Queen Marking Pen


Each marking pen sold individually. Not sold as a set.

These high-quality Japanese POSCA marking pens are ideal to mark new queens. You can also use them to add some paint to a queen that is losing her mark due to intensive worker grooming behavior.

The dot of paint on the queen thorax will dry almost immediately after it’s applied.

We recommend using a different color each season, with 5 different options that rotate every 5 years. the following table shows the right color to use depending on the ending of the year:

Year EndingColor
1 or 6White
2 or 7Yellow
3 or 8Red
4 or 9Green
0 or 5Blue

For example, for 2020 the color is Blue. For 2021, the color is White.

Please select the color you want to buy from the drop-down menu below.

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