Screened Bottom Board 8F

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The tray style (opens either way, to the front and back) means you do not have to disassemble the hive to clean the tray or check your mite drop count. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) screened board includes a grid Corex debris board and an entrance reducer.

The entrance height is 3/4″ and you can adjust the bee traffic with the entrance reducer. With the 3/4″ high entrance, this bottom board is compatible with most oxalic acid vaporizes that are inserted through the entrance (most vaporizers require a minimum entrance height of 1/2″ and other screened bottom boards are only 1/4″ high).

This bottom board offers a flat entrance, which is ideal for use with entrance feeders, entrance pollen traps, mouse guards, robbing screens, and any other gadget developed to attach to a hive’s front, with a flat entrance.

Remove the grid Corex debris board (included) to have a screened bottom board fully open (in summer, for example).

Compatible only with 8-frame equipment. We also have 10-frame and 5-frame screened boards which can be found under the respective hive category.

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