Starter Hobby Hive 8-Frame


The kit is fully assembled and only available to pick up at the store (we don’t ship these starter kits).

If you are just getting started in beekeeping and would like to order enough material to get your bees installed the day they arrive, this kit includes everything needed to get started with one honey bee colony.

You will need one starter hive set per package or nuc of bees you are planning on starting this year (one kit per colony).

There are many options of beekeeping equipment and we recommend experienced beekeepers to buy equipment, one part at a time, picking and choosing the kind of material they want.

But if you are new and overwhelmed with all the options, we have created this kit based on the most common material purchased to get a hive started.

The hive kit includes:

  • Screened bottom board
  • Deep box with 8 wooden frames and plastic foundation (coated with beeswax)
  • High-quality, high-capacity top feeder
  • Inner cover
  • Telescoping lid

We recommend painting the outside wooden surfaces of the hive (not painting on metal or the inside of the boxes or covers) so the hive will last longer.

Please note that this starter kit only covers the minimum hardware needs for installing one honey bee colony. As the colony grows, you will need to buy and add more boxes to stack on top of this first box. The size of the box to use is a personal decision of each beekeeper (whatever works for you).

We recommend you follow our educational module about BeeKeeping Equipment to help you decide which size of equipment you’d like to use to expand your hive.


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