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Package Day

We developed over time some presentations and web-pages on how to install a package of honeybees (you can find that information in our LernBee section). This year we are making a video.


We just installed 4 packages and took raw video of the process as well as a whole lot more pictures to keep improving our presentations.


Hopefully we generated enough raw material that can be edited into an educational video that we can use in future beekeeping classes.

mariacamera closeup

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The Queen Cage

This is the Queen cage.


The queen goes in a Queen Cage either when you buy a bee package or when you buy a queen to requeen your hive.

The queen goes in it and is safe from any outside dangers.

If it were in a bee package, the bees would want to kill her because that queen isn’t from their hive.

There will be some attendant bees with the queen to help her while shipping.