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Live bees

Over several years BeeManiacs brought live bees from California and Oregon. As colonies struggle to stay alive and beekeeping became popular, producers of live bees became very focused in quantity and not quality.

BeeManiacs stands behind the quality of the products we source, but in the case of live bees, we felt that we didn’t have any control over the quality of the colonies we were receiving.

For that reason we decided to stop bringing live bees through our store.

We always recommend to source live bees locally, hopefully from a local beekeeper that can breed them locally, from survivor stock (which is not as easy, due to our short season).

If you need a supplier for packages or nucs, we recommend you to contact your local beekeeping association. For BeeManiacs, the local association is the Backyard Beekeepers Association:

If you live far from BeeManiacs, please check with your local association.

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2022 Live Bee Orders

You can now place orders for 2022 live bees online.

This season we are bringing Carniolan nucs and Carniolan and Italian packages. The estimated pick-up date will be one of the last two weekends of April (to be confirmed closer to package day as queen rearing in California depends on the weather).

You can order online and book your package or nuc for this season.

We have limited supplies and once we run out we may not be able to bring more live bees for this season. We don’t have a due date until when orders can be received. Once we run out of bees the website will close for ordering and will start taking email addresses for a waitlist.

You can see options and pricing and place an order here:

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Last batch of live bees arriving May 16

The last batch of live bees we have for the 2020 season will be arriving on Saturday, May 16.

We were able to get some more nucs so if you were in the waiting list, you probably received an email notification.

If you want to check if we have more nucs available, you can check on this link:

People with orders will receive confirmation email about pick up schedule as we get close to nuc pick up day. We will spread pick up schedule to avoid many people coming at once. If you have an order, you will receive your personalized email about pickup schedule.

Please make sure that you receive BeeManiacs emails and that you check regularly the email account you entered when placing the order.

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Nuc delivery date pushed to May 20

Both of our nuc suppliers for the 2017 season had to push their delivery dates until May 20.

If you bought nucs through BeeManiacs, for delivery dates of May 6 or May 13, the new delivery date is May 20.

We are sorry for the delay but the unusual weather in Oregon delayed the flowering and the beekeeping season, which pushed the nuc delivery dates until at least May 20.

We are sending email updates to everyone that placed an order. If you did not receive email updates from us, please check your email spam folder.

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Bad weather delaying nuc delivery dates

The 2017 season is breaking some records as the coldest and most rainy season in the last 45 years.

Live bee suppliers are struggling to deliver bee packages and nucs on fixed schedules that worked fine in previous years.

If you bought live bees from us, please check your email for updates. The Economy nuc delivery date was delayed from May 6th to the 13th and still pending final confirmation.

If you are not receiving updates from BeeManiacs, please check your email spam filter or email us to

Bee suppliers are doing everything they can to deliver live bees on schedule, but in some cases they will need to delay the delivery date to make sure that the nucs are properly made.

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2017 Old Sol Nucs and Queens Available at BeeManiacs

We are very glad to announce that BeeManiacs just became a distributor of Old Sol Nucs for the Inland Northwest.

Old Sol Apiaries has been breeding Survivor and Caucasian queens, which are adapted to colder weather and longer winters. On top of better queen genetics, the bees come in high-quality wooden nuc boxes that you can keep for making your own future nucs or queens. If you have no use for the wooden nuc box, you can bring it back empty to BeeManiacs for $20/box in-store credit (the box itself usually retails at ~$35, so it’s a good deal to keep it for future use).


This is the pricing break down for nucs:

Queen RaceNuc priceWooden BoxWA Sates TaxTotal
Survivor Stock$140.00$20.00$12.96$172.96

You can pre-order Old Sol nucs now, while supplies last:

Nucs will available for pick up on April 15, at BeeManiacs on our Bee Day.

Remember that if you don’t want to keep the wooden nuc box, you can return it for $20 in-store credit at BeeManiacs.

This year we will be working in collaboration with the Backyard Beekeepers Association, so hobby beekeepers can start making their own queens. The more survivor and caucasian stock we have in the area, the better the genetics of our locally raised queens will be.

For more information about Old Sol Apiaries and their queens and nucs, you can visit their website: