New Items at BeeManiacs Store

We currently have more than 300 items loaded in our online store and we continue bringing new items every month.

For the 2018 season, we decided to stop renting extracting kits and have instead brought in some extractors for sale.

The pictures below are some of the new items that we now carry.







BeeManiacs Online Store Opens in Catalog Mode

Many local beekeepers asked more details regarding our pricing and which kinds of items BeeManiacs would be selling this season.

The best way to answer those questions at this time is to open up our online store in catalog mode (while under construction). In this mode you can access the store and see the products we will be selling as soon as the store opens, but you cannot order anything yet.


We are displaying pricing in all products and most pictures were already uploaded. We are just starting with product descriptions but for now pricing and pictures will be enough to answer most questions.

The online store will be activated for taking orders on March 30, the day after we open our walk-in store. You can access the online store clicking the “Shop” link at the top menu (to the right of “Home”) or by following this link:

If you have any questions or have any problems with the online store website, please email us at