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Nurse Bees on Duty

Nurse bees are usually about a week old (age after they emerge from their cells). Their job during this stage of their life is to feed larvae. For the first three days of a bee’s larvae stage, it is fed with royal jelly by nurse bees. Once a larvae is three days old, the nurse bees will feed it with a mixture of royal jelly, nectar, and pollen, until the cell is capped. In the pictures below, we can clearly see the difference in size of the worker and drone cells. We can see that when the nurse bee is attending a worker larva, she barely fits inside the cell. But when she is feeding a drone larva, she is almost completely inside the cell, since drone cells are much bigger and wider than worker cells.

nurse bees feeding worker larvaenurse bees feeding drone larvae

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Bee my valentine

I love to take pictures of our bees and I’m always playing around with my camera trying to “catch” what they are doing….any time….anywhere.

But what a surprise was for me when one day I downloaded my pictures in the computer and then I just realized that the pollen this bee was bringing to the hive had a “heart shape” and even better, it was red!

So I recorded it in our gallery just to say Happy Valentine! to our fellas beekeepers and friends!Bee my valentine