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WA State Master Beekeeper Program

We started 2015 strong, with a presentation about the WA State Master Beekeeper Program at the first bee club meeting of the year in this area.

On Friday, January 2, we presented the Master program to about 24 beekeepers who are members of the West Plains Beekeepers Association. We were expecting a smaller audience because this meeting was in the middle of a holiday break, right after January 1, and road conditions were not so good due to snow, but the interest in the subject was high.

If you could not make it to the meeting and would like to see the presentation, you can find it at our educational site, in the “Download Presentations” page, under “General Presentations” or by following this link to the page:

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Where can I download class presentations?

We just added a new page in our LearnBee website where you can download presentations we use in classes or meetings.

You can go to the LearnBee website and navigate to the “Download Presentations” page or just follow this link:

We use Libre Office Impress to make our presentations and if you want to open the original file, you can download Libre Office for free. If you just want to see the presentation, we generated a pdf handout that you can download from the same area.

If you cannot find any file you are looking for, please contact us: