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BeeManiacs Supports the Highways Bettering the Economy and Environment Act (Highways BEE Act)

Highways BEE Act, H.R. 4790 promotes conservation practices for all lands on the sides of highways (highway right-of-way or ROWs).


This legislation would benefit the organizations in charge of maintaining roads due to a reduction in maintenance costs (reducing mowing and spraying), while helping all native pollinators as well as honeybees and small wildlife.

This legislation needs all the support it can get and the deadline to show your support is June 16.

We have heard many times during beekeeping club meetings complains about DOT spraying the sides of the roads and other non bee friendly practices so if you ever felt that way, this is the time to spring into action and show your support.

We can sign in this petition as individuals, as companies or as organizations (bee club). From BeeManiacs we already signed it as a company and will bring the petition to bee meetings to build up support.

If you care about honey bees and local pollinators, please sign the petition following this link: