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BeeManiacs Selling Beekeeping Supplies Soon!

We have great news!

BeeManiacs will start selling beekeeping tools and some supplies soon. We currently estimate that we will open for business by the last weekend of March. We will keep you posted of actual dates via this website and we will broadcast those news over our Facebook and Twitter services.

We will start bringing some basic items like smokers, hive tools, bee brushes, uncapping tools and similar tools.

We will be focused in carrying good quality items and a variety of options for each tool. We want customers to be able to get not just one hive tool, but the one they choose to buy over many different options. Your smoker should fit your needs so you should be able to choose among 4 or 5 different models.

Since we will bring many options for each tool type, we won’t be carrying this year a complete line of beekeeping equipment. For example, we won’t sell in 2014 any wooden-ware or live bees.

We want to share with you our introductory flyer. Please open the following links:

Wide varietyScratchersFrame gripsSmokersQueen catchers & plungersHoney potsUncapping & cleaning tools