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Launching Our New Educational Website

We are moving all articles or educational information to a new educational website that is based in the same website engine than WikiPedia. Our goal is to relocate and host new educational content and programs in this new site:
LearnBee –¬†

LearnBee will host material developed by BeeManiacs Staff and volunteer contributors and the wiki-style website engine will facilitate searching for content as the amount of articles grows.

Our goal is making the material public and we will use a flexible copyright system: the material is free to copy and use, as long as a statement recognizing BeeManiacs as the owner of the copyright is kept with the copies being distributed.

We are currently members of the Education committees of the American Beekeeping Federation and Washington Master Beekeeper Program and are also actively involved in the educational programs of the Inland Empire Beekepers’ Association and West Plains Beekeepers Association. Our educational program will be expanding soon and we will add features and content in the new LearnBee area.

In the main website we will keep posting blog-style news (like this one) that will appear in the Home page. On the top of the main website we will keep the links to the educational website (LearnBee) and Contact information and soon we will add an active link to the BeeManiacs online store.

Probably next week we will announce one educational benefit for beekeepers in driving distance from our headquarters. Stay tuned for details…