Terms and Conditions

Let’s cover some of the boring stuff!¬† ūüôā

Some items can be purchased to be picked up in-store only. Sorry, but we cannot ship those items. We have different reasons why we do not ship such items so the only option is to order for pick up at the store.

Shipments of high-value items may require a signature. If nobody is available to sign, you may need to work with USPS, UPS, or FedEx to reschedule your shipment or you may need to pick up in person with ID at their distribution center or post office.

When you place a “pick up at store” order, please wait to receive confirmation that the order was put together and is ready to pick up. Only after you receive the notification, you can pick up the order (we may schedule a pickup time with you over email). If you need your material to be delivered, please do not select “pick up at store”: you need to select shipping, which will calculate the shipping cost and also collect the right sales tax amount in WA State (we do not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside WA State).

BeeManiacs uses modern online encryption to process online orders.¬† You will see that our web address shows a green lock status with the word “Secure” in most browsers. Your credit card information is processed using high-level bank-grade encryption, provided by Square or PayPal credit card processing. BeeManiacs will not receive nor store your credit card information. BeeManiacs will only receive a confirmation that the payment was completed without keeping track of your credit card information.

Live Bee Orders

Live Bee orders are for pick up at BeeManiacs store only. We do not ship live bees.

Live bees orders are non-cancelable.

We recommend you order beekeeping equipment in a separate order, so you can pick up equipment before the bees arrive. Any material ordered in the same order with live bees will be ready to pick up on the same date you pick up your bees.

Live bees are guaranteed to have a live queen at the time of picking up the package or nuc. BeeManiacs is not responsible for any loss during customer transport between BeeManiacs store and final destination. Make sure to care for the live bees during transport to ensure they arrive strong and healthy to your bee yard.

By pick-up time, we will provide you with a checklist and instructions that you can follow for a successful colony introduction. We recommend you to have the hardware ready (including feeder and sugar syrup already made) and the right transport to bring your bees home.

If at some point BeeManiacs staff believes that the bees would die during transit because of the customer transport, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver those bees. We care about bees and we prefer to refuse service than letting them die during transport. Examples of unacceptable transportation are an open pickup truck for a package or a closed trunk for a nuc (the first one is too cold and the second is too hot for the bees to survive).

You acknowledge that you are working with live bees and that BeeManiacs cannot guarantee the successful establishment of the colony in your equipment. You agree that you will not hold BeeManiacs responsible if the package or nuc fails to settle down in your equipment after being picked up at BeeManiacs.

BeeManiacs and our suppliers guarantee that the queen will be alive at pickup time, but we cannot guarantee that the bees will accept that queen to establish the colony.  In the case you have any problems with the package or nuc you purchased from BeeManiacs, please contact us right away at livebees@beemaniacs.com. In some cases, we can help you fix the problem to make sure those bees get established and thrive. BeeManiacs will not be responsible for the survival of the queen or colony and we cannot guarantee a specific honey production target. Every queen and every colony is different so you can expect different results even while installing multiple packages in one location with similar equipment. Some colonies will thrive, others will not.

You acknowledge that the pickup date may need to change, based on the weather at the producer bee yard or other reasons beyond the control of BeeManiacs. BeeManiacs will try to deliver the bees on the date we listed when you placed the order but the date may need to be changed. We will update the delivery date on our website and send email updates. Please make sure that you can access BeeManiacs’ website and that you can receive BeeManiacs emails, so we can keep you updated. BeeManiacs will not call customers to provide any updates and we cannot receive phone calls asking for confirmation. You can access all the latest information through the BeeManiacs website and by receiving the latest emails.

Bee Equipment

Sale items are sold “as is” and those orders are final.

We only ship to addresses in the USA.

The material we show online is available in inventory and ready to ship. We usually ship within three business days after the order was placed.

If there is something wrong with the order you received or items are damaged during transport, please contact us within 10 days of receipt at sales@beemaniacs.com.


Original Invoice or Sales Order is required for returning or exchanging any product in person.

Returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of the material receipt date.

To start a return or exchange you can come in person to our store or email us at returns@beemaniacs.com. The customer is responsible for the return shipping charge.

Items being returned need to be in “like new” condition. Used equipment, tools, or protective gear cannot be returned or exchanged.

Some items, like special order items, will incur a 20% restocking fee.

Privacy Policy

We recommend you create an account on BeeManiacs website and online store. With an account, you will be able to track order history, post questions in our online forums, keep track of courses and quiz records, etc.

You will also have the opportunity to join our email distribution lists, which you can unsubscribe or remove at any time.

BeeManiacs won’t share your account information with any supplier, customer, or any other company or entity.

If at some point you would like to close your account, you can just click on “Delete your account” and all your personal information will be deleted. BeeManiacs won’t keep a record of that information (if you delete your account by mistake, we won’t be able to bring it back).

Please take into account that the educational material and online support provided on this website is facilitated by BeeManiacs and intended to support BeeManiacs customers. If you need specific support for products made by other companies, we may recommend you to seek direct support from your source.

BeeManiacs website is a secure website, encrypted with an SSL certificate. We follow the best online policies to protect all information handled by our website.