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New Products Available In-Store

For the 2017 season we almost doubled the number of products we have available in-store. We are working to bring some of these products to our online store later this year.

We now distribute Beeline woodenware. We have now two qualities available on beekeeping woodenware: Economy and Prime.

The new options include higher quality wooden frames (assembled and unassembled), Deep and Western-size 5-frame nucs, wooden top feeders, spacers, entrance wooden feeders, top bar hives, top-bar hive feeders, garden-style top cover, etc.


We doubled the options available on wooden frames, assembled or unassembled.


Look at the picture below showing the difference between the economy and prime frames. The prime wooden frame, right, has a wooden tab in the center of the side bar, so when we staple the bottom bar to the side bar, we have a stronger fit. All of our assembled wooden frames are glued and have 6 staples in the key points to make for a durable and strong frame.


If you are in driving distance from BeeManiacs, we recommend you to visit us any Friday or Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm to see all the new items brought into the store.