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Live bees

Over several years BeeManiacs brought live bees from California and Oregon. As colonies struggle to stay alive and beekeeping became popular, producers of live bees became very focused in quantity and not quality.

BeeManiacs stands behind the quality of the products we source, but in the case of live bees, we felt that we didn’t have any control over the quality of the colonies we were receiving.

For that reason we decided to stop bringing live bees through our store.

We always recommend to source live bees locally, hopefully from a local beekeeper that can breed them locally, from survivor stock (which is not as easy, due to our short season).

If you need a supplier for packages or nucs, we recommend you to contact your local beekeeping association. For BeeManiacs, the local association is the Backyard Beekeepers Association:

If you live far from BeeManiacs, please check with your local association.

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