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New Website Features

If you visit BeeManiacs website regularly, you have noticed that we added some improvements and new features.

Most of the work was not visible though. We created up to 20 clone websites where we tested a new store, educational module (LMS), Forum and account system. After thorough testing, we selected the best settings that were brought to the live website.

Some of the changes are:

  • Online store relocated to the main website
  • Online educational module was enabled on the main website and we’re moving content we had published on a different platform
  • The website includes SSL so it should show with a green lock (in mobile phones) of say “Secure” in web browsers. This means all information you enter in BeeManiacs is encrypted and safe.
  • We are setting up a new forum system so we can address more beekeeping questions that we were able to answer individually by email
  • Some other features are not visible yet, as a knowledge base with short honey bee and beekeeping articles, and also more features for beekeepers to share information and present themselves to others (like a beekeeper online hangout)

We recommend anyone using the website to create an account (free) so you can take advantage of the features. From your account, you will be able to track history of questions/answers posted in the forums, track order history, make comments on products or post/pages.

For creating an account just go to the login area and you can click on “Register” to create the account (just the first time) and in future visits, you can just login.

We hope this new website will allow us to bring more educational material, more support, and more products to you, so we can help you help your bees.

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