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2015 Package Day

This was the first year that we sold live bees at our BeeManiacs store. We thought we would only sell 20 packages in our first year, but ended up selling more than 100 packages.

Weather was less than desirable for installing packages. Sunny at times, but with rain, hail and snow at other times. Wind was the only constant, blowing at about 20 to 30 mph.

We had package installation demonstrations so new beekeepers could see first-hand how to install their packages at home. Experienced beekeepers Jack Miller and Sandy Fanara volunteered to mentor the new beekeepers. They both explained how to install a package under normal weather conditions and under the current conditions at the time. Packages were installed in Langstroth, Top Bar and Warré hives.

Parking space was sufficient and we were able to house everybody indoors. Snacks and hot coffee were provided while waiting for the demonstrations.

Based on this years experience, we are already planning improvements and new things that we will be bringing in for the 2016 package day (we will release more details on January 2016).

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