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Live Bees Pickup Schedule

Another update was sent by email to all the beekeepers that bought live bees from BeeManiacs. Please check your email and if you didn’t receive anything on April 15, check your spam or other email folders and adjust your email to make sure you receive our updates.

This is the link to the email sent:

Package and nuc pickup hours are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 24.

Pickup address:
7619 W Woolard Rd
Deer Park, WA 99006

Drive-Thru process

  1. You can enter BeeManiacs from the main entrance and head towards the Big Barn where the drive-thru line forms
  2. While in the line, a BeeManiacs employee will approach and ask for the name of the person that placed the order
  3. At that point, BeeManiacs staff will set your packages and any material you pre-ordered online at the pickup area
  4. Stay in the line and continue driving until you reach the pickup area (concrete area outside the Big Barn)
  5. You may now get out of your vehicle and load your bees/material
  6. To exit, continue driving around the garden and BeeManiacs store building until you reach the main road

Please note that our store remains closed for in-person visits. You can place online orders for equipment and tools ahead of time (until Friday 4/22) and we will have the material ready for you to pick up with the bees.

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